A Message from the Desk of the Management

Education as a concept has undergone a paradigm shift in the recent years. The focus today is not only on classroom education but also on education beyond classrooms. While technological explosion has increased opportunities manifold, the need for professional competencies have also become more specific. Irrespective of what one chooses as a career, the password to growth is only excellence in what one has chosen. As an educational institution, it becomes the primary responsibility of every school to identify strength areas in respect of each student, nurture talent and optimize opportunities for such talent to make a mark.

Modern Academy Indirapuram is now on the fast track of growth and excellence. The school has witnessed tremendous progress in all spheres of both scholastic and non-scholastic arenas in the last few years. We have successfully inculcated the value system set forth by the school on the basis of its global experience. The change from fragmented thinking to global thinking augurs well for its students .

We are sure that Modern Academy Indirapuram will keep up its march, which is never-ending. Success at Modern Academy Indirapuram is a journey, and not a destination.

Mona & Gaurav Budhraja

A Message from the Desk of the Principal

Modern Academy, Indirapuram is making a sincere attempt to introduce a multifarious, holistic educational milieu that harmonises technological advancements and humanistic wisdom. This endeavour involves a paradigm shift, a reflective change in the mindset of the educators, students, and their parents.

It is our deep conviction that education needs to be a joyful experience that facilitates the growth and transformation of young minds at their impressionable age and fortifies them with the required knowledge and skills to face the challenges of a competitive world.

We are aware that in making this effort, we are drawing inspiration from the primeval source of national culture and rich heritage. This also requires continuity of thought and a quickened pace of execution.

Wedded to the sole edifice of ideology, we consider no sacrifice small in the constructive work for the child's future. It is no vain myth but a concrete movement.

Come on! Join this movement of nation building through the revelation that signifies information, intelligence, initiation, innovation, and intuition and representing the quintessence of Modern Academy, Indirapuram. Endowed with lofty objectives, we assure to move forward upholding human grandeur.

R. Tadepalli